Response to “Can the Catholic Church ‘Evolve’ on L.G.B.T. Rights?”

Response to NY Times article. "Can the Catholic Church 'evolve' on L.G.B.T. Rights?" By John Gehring. Mr. Gehring is the author of “The Francis Effect: A Radical Pope’s Challenge to the American Catholic Church.” July 5, 2018 I do not see the teachings of Jesus or the Catholic church to be in opposition to respecting the life … Continue reading Response to “Can the Catholic Church ‘Evolve’ on L.G.B.T. Rights?”

9/11 A Reflection – C. Dianne Phillips

I share this ever 9/11. It is still a day that haunts me.


imageOn the morning of 9/11, I was preparing to teach a Physics Lab on Bernoulli’s principle. My students were experimenting with the design of aircraft wings as they investigated the physics of “lift.” This meant that they would have to propose various designs and develop a methodology for testing the efficacy of their designs.

The First Plane: As the students slowly streamed in, they were announcing that a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers in NY City. This caused great agitation in some of my students who had friends and family in NY. A few minutes passed and more students entered the room upset about the plane crash. It became clear to me that we would not be able to do this particular lab as it would involve the “crashing” of airplanes. I decided to consult the lab coordinator to see if we had the…

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A Reflection on Racism – 50 years later

I was reminded of this blog post this morning. It is amazing to see where we have gone as a country since this reflection. I await the future with hope, but pray we don’t all die before America and the rest of the world figures out that populism is deadly.


A Reflection on Racism – 50 years later, C. Dianne Phillips

Reflecting on the news of the week and on the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s, “I have a dream” speech…I share the following memories…

imageFifty years ago, the summer of 1963, I was a little girl.  I didn’t get to watch tv often because we didn’t own a TV, but I did listen to the radio in the evenings after going to bed. My mother would play the radio in the living room as she read books.  The sound of the radio was very soothing and I enjoyed listening to the shows as I laid in my bed looking at the night sky outside of my window.  We didn’t have central heat or air and our windows were open to allow air to flow through the house.  My bedroom window faced east…

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“It is time for us to come together…” Not so fast! – 2016 Election

“Just shut up and get over it? Don’t be a sore loser? Give the guy a chance? Stop being so negative? We must all unite now. Grow up. Let’s hit the reset button. We must all work together now.” WHAT?!!! Do we live in the same reality? Waking to a nightmare: I woke up the … Continue reading “It is time for us to come together…” Not so fast! – 2016 Election

Faithful Citizenship – Proud Catholic, Proud American

In response to the article posted by the Huffington Post.  This Catholic is tired of being labeled and judged. Faithful Citizenship: The "common good" is important and is outlined in the document on "Faithful Citizenship."    If the church does not want to lose its tax-exempt status, each diocese should put a stop to this nonsense. … Continue reading Faithful Citizenship – Proud Catholic, Proud American