Faithful Citizenship – Proud Catholic, Proud American

In response to the article posted by the Huffington Post.  This Catholic is tired of being labeled and judged.

Faithful Citizenship:
The “common good” is important and is outlined in the document on “Faithful Citizenship.”    If the church does not want to lose its tax-exempt status, each diocese should put a stop to this nonsense. It is not our place to “judge” in this manner. We are called to love. We are called to be merciful and to be the hands and feet of Christ, as best we are able. We are called to corporal works of mercy. We are given guidelines for also being faithful citizens.

Pro-life is much, much more than simply being pro-birth. We (all Catholics) are all pro-birth, but we are not all pro-life in our personal and civic actions. Our actions speak louder than our words.

  • Do we support social programs that provide assistance to those who choose life?
  • Do we support reproductive education for all?
  • Do we support social programs that feed preschool and school-age children, who would not eat otherwise?
  • Do we support affordable health care for mothers, fathers, and children?
  • Do we support wars of choice?
  • Do we have a problem with our tax dollars supporting single-parent programs, but have no problem with them being used to building weapons of mass destruction?
  • Do we support corporate welfare, but refuse social welfare?

Pro-Reproductive Rights as a Faithful Citizen:  I am not pro-abortion simply because I know there is a more “efficient” and “logical” way to approach the societal, global tragedy of poverty, which leads most in the world to seek an abortion. I know that providing education, reproductive health care, and access to birth control, for those who seek it, is a better way to end the perceived need for abortion.  Not forcing my Catholic choices onto others is imperative in a free society.  Their freedom is also my freedom, both protected under the right to privacy in our constitution.

Being pro-reproductive rights does not make me pro-abortion. It does not make democrats pro-abortion. It is an ugly label that is meant to create divisiveness and to defeat any efforts to promote life as a choice.

Proud Catholic:  I am a proud, devout Catholic, who is very conservative in my own personal life. I did not use birth control.  I chose life, and poverty, instead of an abortion.  I am not free to date or remarry because I am still married to my husband in the eyes of the church.  I love my gay and lesbian friends, but do not advocate “extra – sacramental,” sexual relationships for any Catholic, regardless of their gender or sexual orientations.  “I believe in God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven,n, and earth….and I believe in everlasting life.”

Also has a proud Catholic, I praise God for the right to privacy, the right to vote, the right to free speech….the right to be free to practice the religion of my choice.  I praise God for the American constitution, which protects the citizens of a diverse society and rightly seeks the “common good.”

Patriotic American:  I love my country and the freedoms afforded by our diverse population. As a Catholic citizen, I will choose the common good when exercising my right to vote as a faithful citizen. I support the freedoms of all people, Catholic and non-Catholic. I praise God every day that I am free to be Catholic and to practice my religion in this great country.

  • No government limited the size of my family.
  • No government forced me to use birth control.
  • No government forced me to have children.
  • No government forced me to have a C-section when it wasn’t needed.
  • My right to privacy and patient bill of rights protected my personal choices regarding my body and my babies. It was MY body.  MY choice.  MY right to privacy.
  • No government made me love my neighbor as the government determined I should.
  • No government forced another religion’s set of moral and ethical norms on me as a citizen.

The government protects my right to privacy and to openly practice my Catholic faith…

  • without fear of being beheaded or forced into hiding…
  • without being forced to hide my rosary or my crucifix and keep them secret out of fear of reprisal

I am free to make the sign of the cross openly as I pray before meals in restaurants when I openly feel afraid or wish to say a quick prayer for someone, who has died or needs prayer. I am FREE.

I am a proud Catholic, American citizen
and I will vote for the common good for a diverse society,
while enjoying the freedom to live my personal life as a Catholic conservative Christian.

Click to access right%20to%20privacy.pdf

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