C. Dianne Phillips - aka

C. Dianne Phillips – aka “Sciencegranny”

Hi, I am the Sciencegranny. I have advanced degrees in Physics and Geology and I teach at a local community college.

I am a full professor with many years of teaching experience, ranging from middle school band, grades six-twelve science (NSF funded Visiting Scientist in the K-12 Program), to 2Y and 4Y college-level classes in Geology, Environmental Geology, Field Geology, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, and Undergraduate Research in STEM.

My research areas include andragogical modeling with specific emphasis on the science of learning in the physical sciences.

In addition to teaching science, I am also the director of music at a large, diverse Catholic Church.

I write about issues that are of current interest to people, whether it be science, education, politics, social justice, human and civil rights, women’s issues or religion and spirituality.

from my facebook page..”I’m a complex person with many facets. I love my children and their children, my dog Max, my grand dog Ricco, my cats, my friends, and extended family, playing and listening to music, learning, and teaching….experiencing new and different things. I love planet Earth and appreciate the beauty and dynamic nature of all aspects of the planet. In particular, I love the night sky and don’t spend nearly enough time appreciating the beauty of the cosmos.

My greatest passion is seeking knowledge. From the time I could sense my environment, I’ve been in awe of the world around me. I read voraciously and have an insatiable desire to know and understand.

My greatest joy is in sharing my passion for learning with my students as I facilitate in and engage in their discovery learning experiences.

My greatest peace and happiness comes from performing and listening to music. Music is literally an extension of my soul and is one of the ways in which I experience the divine. Music is a spiritual experience which allows me to experience physical and spiritual interconnectedness. Too cool to articulate my friends. 🙂

My zeal for life and experiencing life to the fullest is tempered by my Catholic Faith, which grounds me. My spiritual life allows me to experience the divine, which enhances and enriches my life.

I am a committed “single” and would probably be a nun if not for four children, 5 grandchildren, and 4 pets.

Every day is a new experience to have and I praise God for each and every one. Most of all I praise God for the gift of music. Heaven for me would be to be able to sing God’s praises in four-part harmonies.



I work two jobs, so I am tired a lot. Being tired does not mute my happiness and joy, it just poses yet another challenge to overcome each day.

“Every failure, every triumph, every experience only serves to make me who I am.” “I need my pain. I need my joy. Experiencing life means having both.”


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