I have found that I enjoy writing poetry as well as short stories and OpEd pieces.

”What can I do?”

I may not be able to touch your hand,
or offer you comfort when you cannot stand.

I may not be able to rub oil on your back
or hug you with strength for the courage you lack. 

I may not be able to say “I love you” each day,
know that I do, despite the delay.

I may not be able to see your face,
to have you see mine as you run this race. 

But, I can kneel on my knees, full of ache,
to pray you receive healing and grace.

Endless hours I’ll spend to receive,
positive energy that you so need.

May the love and the grace I have in my heart
be given to you as we both do our part;

To battle the evil of cancer within and
reclaim the joy of life once again

Amen cdp

“The Move”

My life is in boxes
My heart in pieces 
I live in deafening silence 
Alone with my senses 
Happy yet sad
Alone yet embraced
Alive to serve others
My needs erased
      Older and wiser
    Yet foolish and weak
     Bad decisions of youth
     I have to reap
     Health is fleeting
     Care for sale
     The poor are left dying
     And fearing jail
Bills keep on flying
In spite of my crying
There’s never enough
For those in the rough
I feel helpless and hopeless
But still must move on
For life is a gift 
Regardless of none.

”You are not”

This is my family.
You are not.
It’s by my choice that 
You are not.
I must pretend…but
You are not.
I share love with others, but…
You are not.
I don’t care if it hurts you, but
You are not.
They are my parents, and
You are not.
You gave me life, but
You are not.
You gave me your love, but
You are not.
I will never forgive you, for
You are not.
My illusion of perfection, for
You are not.
But still I am.

C.D. Phillip, 12/26/19