Angels of Love

Praise you Lord for reminding of this today.


An elderly Hispanic woman at church, sits alone on the front pew saying her rosary.  Her body is bent and her hair is white.  Her brown and calloused hands are wrinkled and boney.  Her head is covered with a white scarf and she holds a rugged little rosary as she prays.  She has no doubt lived a very long life and is now in the autumn of her existence.  She sits and prays for all of her children and her children’s children and her friend’s children, who have all left the church or are having struggles in their lives.  She prays for peace in this troubled world.  Her husband is long gone and she spends her time praying, reading, watching tv, and going to church.

One day as the woman is sitting and praying after mass, she sees a younger woman (an Anglo woman) in her late 50’s and she…

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