Legislating Morality Will Not Stop Abortions..

Legislating Morality Will Not Stop Abortions..

I am Catholic, I do not promote abortion. I believe that every conception should be given the chance for life. Every life is sacred, lovingly made by God. I respect the dignity and life of all human persons from conception to grave.

BUT, not everyone is Catholic. Not all humans are blessed with sacramental marriages which are open to life. Not everyone believes that sperm and eggs are people. Not everyone believes that a fetus’ potential for life supersedes the life and dignity of the pregnant woman.

In my view, poverty is the evil. Poverty of respect of self and for the dignity of all human persons. I am speaking too of the socioeconomic and educational poverty where poor people lack the basic necessities to live a healthy, productive life, lacking both quality education and the resources to achieve success.

It seems to be OK to demand a child be conceived and born...to deny birth control, and all reproductive services, to also deny social programs for affordable food, housing, childcare, healthcare….etc.   Forcing the moral views of religions onto diverse societies is shortsighted, inefficient and counterproductive.

Human beings will not stop having sex.
Abortion is not going to stop.
Those who
choose life will still live in poverty.

Banning all reproductive health services, simply to deny everyone else access to contraceptives and safe, affordable abortions, will not stop abortions. Abortion rates will in fact increase and abortions will not be safe. Women and babies will both die.

The Trump Administration, made up of mostly white men, imposed sweeping limitations on funding for reproductive services world wide, citing no funding for abortions. (Jan.23, 2017).   

These services being denied, include education, screenings for STD’s, cancer…and provide reproductive services, which include contraceptives and abortions. Poor women and men will not get the services they need to lead healthy and productive lives.  People will die.

The only option I can see for women is to not have sex at all. Which only works by the way, if the men are willing. Men passing laws controlling female reproductive choices should be met with a “don’t touch me ever again” policy.

Perhaps women should pass a law requiring that all men be castrated and sterilized so that no woman ever has to have a man’s erection forced on her again and be left with the consequences of his need to masturbate using a woman. In other words, every man has the potential to sexually assault a woman, plant his seed and move on.

Not every conception is consensual, even in marriage. Women are raped daily.

Oh to have every man be a loving partner spiritually, physically, …. I see everyday those men in my church. I see Christ centered, loving relationships. …loving and beautiful families. This utopian, Catholic reality does exist, but for the many women in Africa and the world over, the reality is rape and having babies who die in their arms from starvation and disease.

For women and men, there is AIDS and Hepatitis C and other STD’s. Denying access to education and contraceptives, particularly condoms, leads to death and compounded poverty.

How is this proLife?   I am not making excuses for the killing of innocents. Being pro Birth only, does not solve the core societal problems which lead to abortion. Demanding that others live and seek the Catholic utopian experience is noble, yet misguided and short sighted.

God gave us all free will. Even God doesn’t want to force us to love him. He wants us to freely choose him.

I will always choose life. I will always see the global reality, a human perspective, which is not limited to my own Catholic beliefs and experiences.

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