The Violence of Rape and the War on the Dignity of the Human Person

I am reminded of this as we endure the misogyny and sexism of 2017.

If you don’t respect women, how can you respect life? If you don’t respect those living in poverty, how can you respect life?

If only the life of the unborn, the white, Christian male, and the rich are valued, then how do we say that we are pro-life?

Promoting social Darwinism is not pro-life.

All people have dignity. All life is valuable. We cannot be truly pro-life unless we promote life and dignity for all.

C.Dianne Phillips


As long as the global society continues to degrade and objectify women, there will always be a crime that women are afraid to report and a notion that they somehow caused the attack against them.

At the core of this problem is the inability to even respect life itself.



1) Abortion- “violence against the unborn” is legal and seen as a viable solution to ending an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy. 

Global poverty drives this reality for so many. The culture does not exist to encourage life as a viable choice.  As long as there is disproportionate distribution of wealth and services, the poor will continue to be faced with death as a choice so that the quality of “life” is assured.

Those of us who are pro-life continuously ignore the human variables that bring about the need for birth control and abortion itself… -1) Poverty…

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