For Daddy..I miss you already

Funeral Home Remembrance Page – limited space or I might have written a book.


My daddy, John P. Wages

I am so thankful to my daddy for providing me with my first experiences in scientific discovery. He taught me the difference between an animal and plant cell at age 6. I spent many hours reading his college science texts in our garage and using his microscope to examine specimens I collected from nature. The microscope opened up a whole new level of scientific inquiry for me personally.

It is through Daddy that I learned to love nature and music, especially big band music; Harry James, Glen Miller, the list goes on. He gave me my first record albums; Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, John Denver, Cat Stevens, Jackson Browne, Elton John…and the 78’s, oh how I loved to watch him dance to his old 78’s. I remember one drive in the car where he rendered a forensic break down of the song, “A horse with no name,” and discussed the possible meaning and what it truly meant to him. He also liked contemporary artists like “ABBA” and “Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians.” One song stands out to me in terms of the depth of how daddy loved music and internalized the lyrics to songs; “Yesterday,” by the Beatles.

Daddy was extremely sensitive, sweet and very outgoing. He loved life and he loved meeting new and different people, but he also treasured his alone time, especially in nature, fishing. I identify with him more and more as I grow older and see the traits in myself that I also saw in him. He loved to be happy and was a pacifist. He would rather walk away than fight with anyone. He would gladly give in to keep the peace.

Sorry for the epic share, but I would have to write an entire book to encapsulate my dad. He was brilliant, funny, talented, and enjoyed life. My favorite quote from him is…”When I grow up, I’m gonna…” I currently use this quote on my Sciencegranny blog, this website. His influence continues today through me as I teach my students in college-level physics and geology courses. Thank you, daddy, for your inspiration and for your love.


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