Terrorism?- “Who am I really afraid of?”

OpEd – Terrorism?  “Who am I really afraid of?”  

Terrorism is any act designed to cause fear and submission through the threat of harm.  It is also defined as the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

What is terrorism to me? With all my heart, I feel terrorized by the..

  • Radical extremists of our own country, USA.   Especially the ones who pervert the constitution, so that they may impose their religion, their guns, their ignorance and their ideologies on the rest of us in the name of freedom, but just for them.  The right wing, government hating, paranoid, open carry, bullies, all frighten me.
  • G.O.P. elected officials (state and congressional), who lack the literacy in science and law needed to be able to make wise decisions for the rest of us. These same people appoint people to our supreme court, which is also used as a tool in their quest for power.
  • “Social Darwinists,” who seek to make life harder for the poor, the veteran, the widow, the student, the single parent, the child, the refugee, the prisoner,..and who care little for the poverty of their fellow man; they frighten me.

All groups are bullies who either intimidate through the threat of violence or the threat of hurting the most vulnerable in our society.  If the congressional G.O.P. can’t get the corporate welfare and tax breaks required by their benefactors or the extreme religious laws, which restrict the rights of other individuals, they threaten to shut down the government and stop vital services needed to serve those most in need.  

  • Indifference, intolerance, and hate. The radical, right wing bullies of this country are not conservatives. They are hate filled oligarchs, who use religion as a tool for leverage, and who care not for their fellow man. All they truly care about is wealth and power

As a member of the American citizenry, who seeks peaceful co-existence with my fellow man, I feel terrorized by the ideological intolerance threatened by this fraction of our society. I don’t want to see guns in our streets. I don’t want to see my fellow citizens discriminated against for any reason. I don’t want to see the continuous lies, misinformation and hate on our TV and on the internet, which drives the political opinions of the common man.  I just want to live in peace and celebrate our diversity, help those less fortunate and to enjoy prosperity for all.

What does religion have to do with it?   Terrorism has zero to do with religion. It has everything to do with power and control. Radical extremism does not require God; it only requires a willful disregard for human life and dignity and a focused desire to gain power and control at the expense of others. Humankind has been seeking this since the dawn of civilization, long before organized religions existed.  The fact that people, who affiliate themselves with a religion, use terrorism to achieve their goals, does not mean that religion is the root cause of the terroristic acts.

A terrorist is anyone who uses fear and death as intimidation to achieve their political and ideological goals.

The radical right of this country scare me to death. They are a threat to the peace and stability of the country I love and also the world. That to me is terrorism; being held hostage by someone else’s ideologies and threatened by their weapons and threat of harm to all.

C. Dianne Phillips, “Sciencegranny”
Peace and Social Justice Activist, Dec. 1, 2015

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