“Right”eous Elitism and Hypocrisy

Again, I have many wonderful, fiscally conservative friends, who are truly Christians, but the Republican Party of today is a perversion of the beautiful teachings of Christ.

Republican version of reality:

Protect the rich while you gut, instead of reform social programs that serve the poor,  in the name of “fiscal” responsibility.  Accuse the poor of laziness and sucking on the tit of other people’s hard earned money, instead of admitting that there is economic disparity and logically working toward providing a living wage for everyone.

If someone is homeless, it must be that they were lazy and made bad choices?  They aren’t the mentally ill who have fallen thru the cracks of the lack of  universal health care? They aren’t veterans who now suffer from PTSD or anxiety and depression? A child of a single parent eating one meal a day at school is somehow a drain on society?  Providing affordable reproductive services, which includes birth control, sex education and prenatal and women’s healthcare makes women sluts?  Would they need an abortion if they weren’t so poor, malnourished and ignorant about their own bodies?

The level of social injustice in this country is sickening.  I agree that the G.O.P. has become an ideological cult, driven by greed, hypocrisy and owned by the rich and shameless.

Nothing says you can’t be rich, but gluttony and hoarding is a sin, is it not? Avoiding taxes by hiding huge sums of money offshore or outsourcing U.S. jobs because the overhead is lower in Bangladesh?  How is this Christian values?

From an online article/blog…I agree…http://www.forwardprogressives.com/its-time-to-tell-the-truth-republicans-arent-christians/“I can’t count the times I’ve heard people say they don’t consider themselves Christians any longer because of the ignorance of the Republican Party.  Millions have abandoned Christianity because these people have hijacked a faith to distort it for their own political gains.

It’s time real Christians take back their faith from these people who’ve turned so many sour on Christianity.  It’s time they rise up against these ignorant fake Christians and call them out directly on the truth.  They don’t follow Christianity.
They follow Republicanity.  They worship Reagan, guns and greed—not Jesus Christ.”

Pro-Birth or Pro-Life?

To those who erroneously support people like Paul Ryan, or oppose Joe Biden, simply based on the issue of reproductive rights or the practice of abortion, being ‘pro-birth” only, is not “pro-life.” This is a false premise.

Don’t support the birth and then turn around and restrict their ability to live a healthy life and lessen their opportunities to meet their future potential.  Being born into poverty greatly diminishes a child’s potential for success and increases the likelihood of perpetuating the cycle of poverty…the endless loop which leads to prison instead of college. 

Which political party best represents the moral fiber of the religious electorate?

No political party is truly a representative of religious values, NONE! Aligning ourselves and becoming their “tools” for the propagation of social injustice, under the illusion of “social  Justice, is not logical and defies reason.

Feed the hungry, clothe and shelter the poor, comfort the sick and the suffering, seek peace, not war…choose life, not death….love the unloveable!

Religious Freedom? If you deliberately restrict reproductive services, just because your religion says to, then you are not respecting the freedom from religion that the forefathers truly intended.  Our constitution protects our right to worship our God as we choose. It also protects all, including the atheist, from state sanctioned religion. Denying sex education and contraceptives is irresponsible. If you are Catholic, don’t use birth control. That is your choice, your freedom to choose. Don’t deny others the personal choice.

Poverty is the primary “anti-life” motivator. 529017_10152432777875375_486333376_aPoor women need access to affordable reproductive education and care. They can’t afford a house full of babies and they will not stop having sex.  Women living in poverty, have been abandoned by a spouse or boyfriend and may have low self esteem or have been socialized to think that sex is the way to gain a loving relationship.  Assuming they won’t have sex is folly and out of touch with reality. Not all people grow up in homes where mom, dad and religious values all go together.

What NOT to do: 

1) Don’t increase the teenage birth rates and subsequently “illegal” abortion rates, by restricting their reproductive choices, based on YOUR religious beliefs!

2) Don’t cut social programs designed to help those born into poverty to have the potential to one day escape. They need free lunches at public schools.  For many children born into poverty, this may be the only nutritious meal that some get.

I used to buy extra lunches at Winslow school (I was a visiting scientist) to provide, after school meals, to students who were no longer eligible for foster programs. One young man, lived in an abandoned bus. He was trying to finish high school so he would not end up in prison like his mother, or dead like his father. He eventually joined the military and has served his country well.

Is  it right to only support his birth and not support him in that life of poverty to follow? How is that justified.?  How is that moral?

Fiscal Responsibility:

It seems to me that having universal health care, which includes preventive physical, reproductive, mental and dental care, would serve to improve the health of the citizen and would therefore be fiscally responsible.  A healthy citizenry is better able to work and be productive.  They will not be as sick all the time, so the overall cost of providing health care will pay for itself.   A healthy worker is a productive worker.  How can someone pursue life, health and happiness if they are too sick to do so?

“Pope Francis has called on world leaders to put an end to the “cult of money” and to do more to help the poor, warning that insecurity was rising in many regions of the world and the “joy of life” was diminishing in developed countries.” 

“The worship of the golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult of money and the dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly human goal,” Francis said in an address to ambassadors to the Vatican on Thursday.image

Francis said that radical free-market ideologies had created “a new, invisible, and at times virtual, tyranny” and human beings “considered as consumer goods” and called for global financial reform that would benefit everyone.

“Solidarity, which is the treasure of the poor, is often considered counterproductive, opposed to the logic of finance and the economy. While the income of a minority is increasing exponentially, that of the majority is crumbling,” he said.

“I encourage the financial exports and the political leaders of your countries to consider the words of St John Chrysostom “Not to share one’s goods with the poor is to rob them”


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