What color is your heart? – A four year old’s perspective :-)

The other day, I was driving my granddaughter Ruby to her PreK class.  From the back seat, I heard her little voice say, “Hey DiDi?!”  I responded, “Yes, Ruby.”  She then cheerfully asked me if I knew that she had a heart.

I told her I knew she had a heart.  She then informed me that her heart has a color and that color is “pink.”  🙂

This revelation then led to an assessment of the color of everyone’s heart.

After a short discussion with her Daddy, seated next to her in the backseat of the car, I asked her, “What color is DiDi’s (that’s me) heart?”  She proudly announced, “Purple.”  We laughed and I told her father I probably deserved a “purple” heart for having to raise him.

I then asked her what color her daddy’s heart was, to which she replied, “Black!.”  Deeply shocked and hurt, her daddy said, “Black?, why black Ruby?.”  She said, “I don’t know daddy, it’s just black.”  I laughed and told him it was to go with his black lungs from smoking. ha.ha.

He then asked her, “What color is mommy’s heart?”  She thought for a moment and then said, “Green, mommy’s heart is green.”

I then asked her about her aunt Maura.  “What color is Aunt Moe’s heart Ruby?” She proudly responded, “Pink, just like me.” 

I can’t help but wonder what the criteria was for determining the color of a person’s heart.  🙂

Maybe four year old’s have the ability to experience the aura of a person?  Who knows?

A four year old heart.

A four year old heart.


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