It is not about the second amendment!

The second amendment was written because our very young republic did not have a police force or organized military. It was the responsibility of all “able-bodied men” (especially those who were white) to maintain weapons and ammunition in the event of the need to defend the common good. It was never meant to extend to individuals toting weapons in public. Even the “wild” west had rules about leaving your weapons at the door. ….

“In a civilized society, where our tax dollars are spent on

  • a well-trained military and on federal programs designed to defend our nation from outside violence
  • well-trained state and local police forces, hired to protect and to serve
  • a universal education system focused on producing a literate society, socialized to live peacefully within a framework of laws to protect us all, especially our personal liberties…We should not have to each carry a weapon, concealed or otherwise, beyond the immediate protection of our own personal home and property; not if we are not designated military or police personnel.” C. Dianne Phillips

To my friends and family who think this is all political; all about second amendment rights; who think there is a conspiracy, tyrannical government or one world order…please, please consider that you are wrong. What’s it really about?

It is about a powerful lobby in Washington, who has one focus only…., money.

The gun manufacturers are making a killing off of the controversy, no pun intended. Not all of us, who want registration and background checks, as well as restrictions in ownership of specific weaponry, are against the second amendment…we are not against you owning a gun.

It’s not about criminals having guns and the rest of us left defenseless.
It’s not about a tyrannical government coming to take our guns.

My family owns guns. My sister, brother, cousins, uncles, father…all are gun enthusiasts and own guns for 1) their protection (many live in rural areas), 2) to put deer meat in their freezer, and 3) just for the fun and sport of shooting at targets, all considered ok with 90% of your fellow citizens, totally counter to what the industry pundits are telling you. They are bought and paid for by the gun industry and they could care less about our safety. They just want to make money.

It’s about wanting to live in a society where people strive to live in peace with one another.

It’s about wanting to live in a society where the dignity and life of the human person is
respected and protected.

My family has long said, “She is “special,” when referring to me, and they didn’t mean this in a good way :-). I have always been the frightened little child, who apologized to insects and snakes when I had to kill them. My family forced me to learn to use a gun and to kill creatures. They did their part to make me tougher so that life would not eat me alive. I thank them for the skillset for survival, truly I do, but violence has always been against my inner being. Even though my exterior seems tough and confident, I am a meek, humble and gentle child of God inside. I have learned to do what I need to do to survive, but my true nature is as a pacifist.

As a pro-life, Christian pacifist, the thought of all violence makes me ill. My greatest desire is to be at peace and to promote peace at all levels. I become physically ill at the thought of suffering and violence, that is the direct result of poverty, ignorance and criminal behavior.

  • Unborn babies suffering death and dismemberment in an abortion procedure
  • A small child living in poverty and perpetual hunger
  • A prisoner being electrocuted or given a lethal injection ….it is revenge not defense and is, therefore, sin in and of itself.
  • An old and infirm person being neglected or mistreated or euthanized because they are no longer productive in our society.
  • A person suffering from a curable disease because of lack of funding or services
  • A child being blown apart at their school as a madman terrifies them and blows them and their friends apart with a high capacity rifle, which should be banned entirely.
  • A teen being shot down on a street corner or in their home by a drive-by shooting, where the kids were given guns through criminal activity…especially when each and every gun could be registered.
  • The ruining or limiting of young lives because of the socioeconomic disparity in our criminal justice system….too many poor kids end up in prison or dead, while corporate thugs walk free…

Having said all this, I respect your right to own and enjoy your weapons, for defense or food or fun. It is, however, an infringement on my sense of inner peace and happiness to see the proliferation of guns and violence in our society.

As I respect your right to have a weapon, please respect my right to not want to have one or be exposed to the necessity of having one. Please respect that our society and our nation are not under attack by some tyrannical government or leader who wishes to take all of our guns.


  • We all have social security numbers – if they want us, they already know about us
  • We all have to pass tests to gain a driver’s license. Our license plates and licenses allow authorities to track us from state to state, etc. – if they want us, they already know about us
  • We have to show an ID just to purchase pseudoephedrine because we might be making meth with it.
  • We even have to show our ID to vote
  • I can’t pass a car to my son without documentation of the transfer.

This notion that background checks and registration will allow the “government” to come take all our guns is hogwash.

If you have a gun, especially in public, then you must be willing to use it to take another life. Most of us are not trained to kill other human beings. Just having a gun and knowing how to shoot it, does not ensure that any one of us will make the correct decisions in a tense situation.

I will always be a pacifist. I don’t like violence of any kind, but I would use the skills I’ve been given to defend my family and my country against any person or persons who mean physical harm. I do not own a gun, but I am a really good shot. I was raised with guns and understand how to safely use a gun. I personally do not like guns. I see the utility in having them, but as a person who lives in a civilized society, I do not see the reason to have one.

As a promoter of PEACE in this troubled world, I refuse to submit to the fear and demagoguery which encourages too many to irrational behavior and feelings. I will not own a gun.

Respectfully allow me the right to live in peace without seeing your guns in my workplace, movie theaters coffee shops, malls, churches or restaurants….even highly trained armed guards cannot stop bad guys sometimes.

Your need to carry guns in public places frightens me. I feel more insecure, not more secure. So, please keep your guns at home and limit the use of high capacity rifles to the shooting ranges and limited to specific individuals who wish to submit to the rigors of the responsible ownership of such weapons.

Peace out!


One thought on “It is not about the second amendment!

  1. Deeply disappointed in the Senate today…The gun lobby got what they wanted and the American public was denied justice. The American public will not remain silent in the face of increasing gun violence in this country. We will not go away. We will not stop telling the truth in the face of lies and misinformation. THE LAW WAS DELIBERATELY MISREPRESENTED! not because of the second amendment, but because the gun lobby and industry of hate and violence wants to continue to sell weapons and make lots of money.

    We will get out and vote next year and all senators who voted with the NRA gun lobby, will be voted against by the folks who wanted reasonable gun reform….that is 90% of us. That same 90% needs to put their vote where their conscience is and vote the bastards out.

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