Just Walk Away…COVID Response

JUST WALK AWAY from a#$holes. People are rude all the time. Emotions are raw now. We, as a population, as animals, are stressed. We are behaving like animals trapped in cages because WE are animals trapped in cages.

As humans with higher cognitive functioning than other animals, with the exception perhaps of the dolphin, we should do better than other species.

We are responding to our current crisis with animal instincts, engaging in stimulus-response, fight, or flight, and as a result, our adrenal systems are stressed.

The response alone, in brain and body system’s chemistry, is slowly killing us. The lack of control generates fear and anxiety. Adrenaline is pumping and emotions are in a constant state of “RAW.”

So.. Listen to the sciencegranny, LET it GO! Control what you are able and then just let go.

I have struggled my entire life with anxiety and panic attacks. I suffer from PTSD and am triggered by bullies, loud noises, discussions or images of physical abuse or rape. Men, especially men who speak to me disrespectfully, can quickly trigger a panic attack. I can’t watch popular movies where people suffer from sexual abuse. The “Outlander” series was too intense for me.

The solution is to consciously, willfully, change the channel – literally and figuratively – and walk away. JUST WALK AWAY or keep on walking.

The behavior of another is on them and it is only on us if we accept it and engage in the exchange with them.

We must model the behavior we expect from others.
    1) Be polite when they are rude.
    2) Stay calm if they are emotionally challenged.
    3) If you feel threatened emotionally, then leave them to stew in their own pot of misery.

One thing I have learned in my life about abuse is that I am in charge of how I feel and how I respond. I am not in control of the behavior of another person.

I refuse to be bullied or to give a bully any control.

For Example…I have an emotionally challenged neighbor. She calls the cops on everyone and goes into screaming fits at others, frequently.

I give her space to work out her issues. When she makes a rude comment to get a response, I just focus on what I am doing and refuse to respond.

It is HER problem, not mine. I, feel sorry for anyone who chooses to generate drama in their own lives of that magnitude. I will not relinquish my inner peace or joy.

As a human who struggles with my own issues, I must not expend my positive energy on fruitless exchanges. It isn’t worth it. I need all the energy I can muster to sustain my own balance in a crisis.

As a Christian, I try to imagine that God loves all, especially those who are the most challenged.

I challenge myself to see through God’s eyes. This allows me to pity, not hate. To love even the unloveable, particularly myself.

Hang in their fellow humans. 🙏💕😊

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