Sustainable Living – The Ancient Practice of Soup/Stew Making

This is an update on the earlier blog post. Enjoy!


2019 update…

This granny did not invent the soup or the stew, but I grew up in a home where the women all knew the benefits and utility of keeping a pot of stew or soup warming on the stove.


Learning from my own grandmother:
I remember when I was a little girl first learning how to cook, helping my grandmother each morning as she made biscuits and cornbread. …watching her hands as she skillfully added and quickly stirred each ingredient into the middle of the flour pan by hand. I was mesmerized by the tactile and sensuous nature of the creative process.

This was a daily routine for her. She was a pro at getting the temperature just right on her wood stove. She knew just how much wood to use, the best type of wood, and exactly how to make sure that nothing burned. On the top of…

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