Catholic Marriage – A mathematical derivation for a sacramental union

This is what the sacrament means to me as a Catholic

“The gift of the sacrament of marriage is like a precious, rare jewel, surrounded with the most precious and delicate wrappings…. held lovingly, purposefully, protected in the hands of God. When a couple comes to the Lord, both choosing to share in this divine covenant, also viewing the sacramental gift as precious, rare and specially crafted for their union….the Lord anoints their union and enters into a covenant relationship with the couple….blessing them with this precious gift. It is because of the sharing in the divine, life-giving presence of God himself, that this sacramental union is reserved for man, woman, and God. Sacramental Unions are special and the Sacrament of Marriage is forever. Civil marriages may be special too but they are fundamentally contracts, which can be broken, severed by man.” C. Dianne Phillips, 2012,


Catholic Marriage- Mathematical Derivation for a Sacramental Union

Catholic Marriage

Click the hyperlink “Catholic Marriage” for the pdf of the presentation

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