Sciencegranny’s “Get Well Stay Well” Winter Soup

Sciencegranny’s “Get well, stay well” soup:


With the flu season upon us and so many young adults dying due to the secondary infections brought on by the illness…I thought I would share my “get well” soup recipe. It is basically my base for all soups, with a modification for anyone who is feeling sick.

Here it is…use all fresh ingredients if possible

*One or two cans of organic chicken broth
*one can of Rotel tomatoes
*one white onion – chopped
*4-8 cloves of garlic – chopped
*one bundle of fresh cilantro, chopped very fine

add spices to taste

* 1 tablespoon of fresh, chopped ginger root
* add cumin – at least 1 Tsp
* Turmeric (anti-inflammatory) – 1 Tsp
* cayenne pepper – 1/2 tsp
* add enough water to bring fluid in a large pot to 3/4 level
of pot

* add bouillon cubes if need more salt

* Italian seasoning and basil also help with flavor if you are sick

Don’t forget to drink lots of fluids! Good luck.

Everyone, please stay well. I also take one tablet of zinc (40-50 mg) each day to help my immune system.

3 thoughts on “Sciencegranny’s “Get Well Stay Well” Winter Soup

  1. Yes eat we’ll stay heathy is a good thing for the flu season keep eating till that bug gets tired and has no place to hide and it will surely come out of the system. Remember the red onion this flu season cut an up peeled onion From the root end and stick it any where u might have the virus around. In your bed room classroom car or on a coffee table and learn the magic of the red onion this flu season. Thank you god for the red onion.

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