Celebrate Diversity! Celebrate Life! Choose to Love!


Amen! Please stop teaching our children to hate anyone who is different. Instead, teach them to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual within the diverse organic framework of our earth bound existence. True peace comes to us when we free ourselves from worldly limitations and open ourselves to the divine.

We are living creatures of this world; carbon based life forms, subject to the physical, chemical, and biological laws of nature, within our 4D space/time perceptions of reality. We are also spiritual beings with unlimited potential within an infinite existence, where time and space have little or no meaning in our limited, perceived reality.

In the broad scheme of things, we are insignificant specks, but everything we do does have an effect on everything in our space and time around us…we are like specks in an infinite vastness, but everything we do contributes something to ALL. I choose to contribute love. C. Dianne Phillips.. “Sciencegranny”

Thanks Being Liberal for the image!

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